VSD 13. Haven’t showed my face since VSD 8. So uh, yeah. FUCKING Hyped

@whoisangelo LOOOOL. He likes that shit ;D

2 of one of my favorite people. YES. Zooey DESCHANNE AND LUCY FUCKING LIU.

@cee_tebault mah nigga CHLOOOE.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Shirt glows in the dark, but stupid camera wouldn’t catch it.

GUYS. Off to TACOBELL with Rafael, Michael, and @_prwintaa had a pretty good end of the day. O.o

Felt like wearing my glasses today. More asian if you ask me xP yeah. BEANIE. Gna try to use it today for breaking

Reppin’ that bboy name! :D lehsgo

I feel so awkward doing my hw here since, the library is closed. BUT she was nice enough to let me go in this room! :D

Didn’t have a tag, so might as well right? GOODMORNING THOUGH GUYS. #stay #hungry